Security & safety during the Conference

General safety and security is assured for Conference participants while they will be at the Conference venue. Conference participants are encouraged to take measures to secure personal property.

  • The Conference venue (University of Embu) has a 24 hour security patrol by trained and experienced security personnel.
  • The Conference venue is equipped with adequate safety installations to guard against prolifelation of safety risks such as fire.
  • The venue has a large pool of trained fire marshals among the Conference organisers who will be present during the Conference.
  • The venue is within close proximity of the National security and intelligence establishment, hence quick response to emergency.
  • The Conference participants will be taken through an induction of security and safety measures while at the Conference venue and in areas of residence.
  • Conference participants are encouraged to report any potential security and safety breach observed to the Conference organisers immediately.
  • The University complies with Disability Mainstreaming standards to ensure that persons with special needs are comfortable within the Conference premises.
  • The University is a discrimination free zone.

Embu County, which is the Conference’s host County, is one of the counties that are relatively serene & peaceful in Kenya. The County’s geographical aspects are also stable with no recorded occurrence of natural atmospheric catastrophes.