Recommended health facilities

  • Conference participants will receive care at the University’s health facility at a subsidized Conference rate.
  • In case of need of specialised care, the health facility will issue a referral to an accredited hospital and organise for transport of the Conference participant to the hospital.
  • The Conference designate travel agent will offer transport to and from the health facility at a negotiated/subsidised fee.
  • Names of Conference participants will be sent to the health facilities to ensure efficiency of receiving treatment from the facility.
  • Conference participants are highly encouraged to register with the Conference organisers any particular/ personal medical needs that they have at a personal level.

Register your health & dietary needs here

  • Conference participants are encouraged to consult with consulars and/or health ministries in their Country for medical covers / vaccines they may need to update before entering East Africa.
  • The Conference participants can use the designate conference travel agent any other, in case of a health emergency, at a time outside the Conference time at the same negotiated rates. 
  • The University’s Head of Health will be on call around the clock for any assistance.
  • As part of the Conferences ethical duty, the Conference organising committee wished to assure and guarantee Conference participants that their medical information will be confidential.
  • Such information will be handled by the designated trained medical officers at the health facility and hospitals.
  • Recommended list of health facilities
    • Outspan Hospital
    • Embu level 5 hospital
    • Imara Medical
    • County Hospital 
    • Aga Khan Hospital