1. What is the participants’ package for registering for the Conference?
Upon registration for the Conference and payment of requisite fees, the participants shall be entitled to a number of benefits. Read more …..

2. What are the security & safety measures put in place for Conference participants?
The Conference organisers have exercised due diligence to ensure that the Conference participants’ security and safety is provided for. Read more …..

3. What is the weather like in May at the Conference venue?
During the Conference time in May 2020, the weather is likely to be rainy. Between March and June the Country experiences the long rains. Temperatures may range from a minimum of 17 °C. participants are encouraged to carry warm clothing and rain clothes.

4. Do i need a VISA to travel to Kenya?
For some countries VISA is a requirement to enter Kenya. Some countries are exempted from VISA requirements. To find out your VISA requirements read more …..

5. What Conference activities do i need to budget for?
       a. Conference registration fees
      b. Accommodation for 2-3 days ( 2 Conference days; 1 day for excursion). Conference participants can depart from the Conference after the excursion on Friday afternoon. However, hotel rates will be negotiated for participants for three nights, for thosewho may want to depart on Saturday, 23rd November, 2019.
      c. Excursion
      d. Travel : International flights and inland travel to the Conference venue.

6. How do i get to the Conference venue from Nairobi?

7. Whom do i contact for enquiries?
The Conference organisers. Reach the Conference organizers on direct contacts

8. Who can attend the Conference?

Attendance to the Conference is generally not limited. The Conference organisers appreciate that the concern of climate change and climate action is a cross-cutting global issue that affects all people irrespective of social, economic, political, demographic & cultural orientations. Read more …..