After two days of Conference presentations and dialogue, the SCAAC,2020 organizers invite Conference participants to a one-day climate action excursion. The excursion dates will be issued once the Covid-19 pandemic containment period is lifted. The excursion will be an exciting and informative activity for Conference participants interested in visiting and studying actions by grass-root communities towards Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.

The excursion sites has been carefully selected to reflect real-life practices by the grass-root people of Embu County in climate change resilience. The excursion is set in a rural Embu community whose main stay is agricultural production with little no urban influence in their way of life.  

The excursion will give the participants an opportunity to:

  1. Interact with grass-root communities to understand the best practices, challenges and lessons learnt in the course of climate change adaptation and mitigation

  2. Identify robust sites in which they can conduct future research on climate change and other related studies on grass-root communities.

  3. Create grass-root networks for sustainability of climate actions, and accelerating climate ambition

  4. Understand the nexus between the Conference and community impact

  5. Experience the culture of the Aembu-Bantu community in Kenya

  6. Enjoy the agricultural and geographical sights of Embu


  1. Conference participants who wish to participate in the excursion should register with the Conference organisers using the link below.

  2. The Conference fees does not cover the cost of the excursion. 

  3. Travel to excursion site shall be by bus. Tour of actual excursion site will include walking through farmlands and homesteads.

  4. The participants in the excursion will be picked up and dropped-off at the Conference Venue

  5. Bring along casual wear and comfortable (preferably sport) foot-wear for the excursion.

  6. Safety requirements during the excursion have been controlled by ensuring that the selected site uses organic farming methods that have zero-tolerance to chemical farming inputs.

  7. Security during the excursion shall be provided during travel and on-site during the excursion.

  8. The Aembu people are considered as friendly, open-minded to cultural differences and relatively modest in terms of their socio-cultural conduct. For example their dressing is minimally revealing.

  9. Ethically, the community has been informed of the upcoming excursion.


USD 50 (KES 5,000) 

Excursion fees will caters for:

  1. Lunch

  2. Travel costs

  3. Entry fees 

Register for excursion