Dr. Bernard Gichimu – Editorial Chief

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Dr. Bernard Gichimu is a Lecturer of Horticulture and Plant Breeding in the Department of Agricultural Resource Management at University of Embu. He is also the current Chairman of this department as well as the Chairman of Environmental Committee in the University. Dr. Gichimu brings to the Sustainable Climate Action in Africa Conference (SCAAC), 2020 rich insights into the current strategies applicable in climate smart agriculture and sustainable environmental management. As a member of the excursion sub-committee of SCAAC, his role is to ensure that the conference participants will be treated to a memorable tour of carefully selected sites within Mt. Kenya region. Dr. Gichimu holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Horticulture and Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Breeding with unmatched passion in coffee improvement. Bernard has published widely in peer reviewed journals and participated in numerous academic and professional conferences. He has also managed several donor-funded projects and fostered many collaborative partnerships. His research interests include crop improvement, food security and climate change mitigation.
 “Embrace change as the only constant in life and deal with it” – Dr. Bernard Gichimu